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Physicians and Surgeons Disability Insurance

Physicians and Surgeons Disability Insurance

Physicians and Surgeons Disability Insurance

Physicians and Surgeons are required to perform at the highest level of quality on a daily basis. In case they become disabled, disability insurance would help cover the loss of income. Traditional disability insurance plans are available but may max out at $5,000 or $10,000 per month; in this case, supplemental disability insurance becomes necessary so that medical professionals can have a high limit disability insurance to protect their income and lifestyle.

A Physician's Peace of Mind

Physicians, surgeons, and other working medical professionals studied and worked very hard for many years to reach the high level of skill required to practice; as such, they are typically high income earners that are accustomed to a high standard of living. However, if they became disabled and were not able to work in their own occupation, paying even the basic household expenses would be difficult.

Traditional disability insurance would typically only provide coverage up to $5,000 per month; for someone who is earning $40,000 per month, those benefits amounts would be very low and do little to protect them. Therefore, a supplemental disability insurance plan is essential, it can have limits as high as $100,000 per month or more, and cover up to 75% of their income or as much as 100% coverage for business uses so that they can take care of expenses and maintain the lifestyle they and their family know.

If you already have group disability insurance and/or individual disability insurance, you can purchase supplemental disability on top of that. If you are unable to qualify for traditional disability insurance, you may qualify for primary coverage.



Issue Ages: 18-75 Years

Coverage: Accident and Sickness

Monthly benefit amounts from $100,000 or more (tax-free)

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