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Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Multi Trip coverage for travelers frequently travelling away from home.

Annual multi trip travel medical insurance plans are meant for frequent travelers taking trips with durations of 30 days, 45 days, or 70 days. Coverage is worldwide, excluding your home country. These plans are available to business executives who make frequent trips to different destinations throughout the year, families taking annual multi trip holidays, or anyone that wants to combine coverage to meet their personal and professional needs for worldwide annual multi trip insurance.

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Atlas MultiTrip®

Underwriter: Lloyds of London

COVID-19 Included

Within PPO/Outside U.S.: After deductible, plan pays 100% to policy maximum.
Otherwise: After deductible, plan pays Usual, Reasonable and Customary to policy maximum.
*Exception for US-Urgent Care: Deductible waived, $25 copay; unless $0 deductible. Coinsurance still applies.

Direct Billing: Through United Healthcare PPO Network

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Patriot® MultiTrip

Underwriter: Sirius International

COVID-19 Excluded

Outside US/Canada: After deductible, pays 100% to policy maximum.
Within US/Canada PPO network: After deductible, pays 90% to $5,000, then 100% to policy maximum.
Outside US/Canada PPO network: After deductible, pays 80% to $5,000, then 100% to policy maximum.

Direct Billing: Through First Health PPO Network

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